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What Gloss Level Should I Select?
Due to their highly reflective appearance gloss paints tend to highlight surface imperfections. If the surface to be painted is marred or irregular it is best to select a paint with less sheen. Gloss greater than 80% gloss Resene Hi-Glo Resene Enamacryl Resene Super Gloss. Semi-gloss paints have a slightly glossy appearance that is not as highly reflective as that of gloss paints. These types of finishes offer good stain resistance and are easy to clean. Paints with a semi-gloss appearance are excellent for use on many of the same areas as gloss paints. They are ideal for walls and woodwork that is subject to wear and on weatherboards and exterior cementitious surfaces. Semi-gloss 30-45% Resene Sonyx 101 Resene Lustacryl Resene Lusta-Glo.
Paint Finishes Paint Sheen Guide HouseLogic.
Heres how to choose the right paint sheen for your painting job. The most durable and easiest to clean of all paint sheens high-gloss paint is hard ultra-shiny and light-reflecting. High gloss is a good choice for area that sticky fingers touch cabinets trim and doors. High-gloss however is too much shine for interior walls. And like a Spandex dress high gloss shows every bump and roll so dont skimp on prep work. Practical application kitchens door and window trim. Spend Oh-So-Wisely on a Kitchen Remodel. 6 Materials to Never Use in Your Kitchen. How to Shop for a Retro Kitchen and Not Get Stuck with Junk.
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Choosing the proper sheen for the different surfaces and areas of your home will help you get the most from your paint for a beautiful look that will stand the test of time. Visit the Color Center at your local Home Depot for more tips on choosing the right sheen for your project. A flat sheen has a non-reflective finish that touches up well and hides minor surface imperfections. Low-traffic areas interior walls and ceilings. PREMIUM PLUS Interior Flat. A matte sheen has a low-luster reflective finish that is durable easy to clean touches up well and also hides minor surface imperfections. Low-traffic areas interior walls.
Semi-Gloss vs. High-Gloss Enamel Paint for Interior Doors Interior Design Tips YouTube.
Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Nov 12 2012. Semi gloss and high gloss enamel paint both serve very distinct and different purposes. Learn about semi gloss versus high gloss enamel paint for interior doors with help from a national interior design expert in this free video clip. Series Description When decorating either inside or outside your home one way to make a really great splash is through the careful use of color.
Semi-gloss Paint vs. Satin Paint
Satin paint is also more flexible to better give the illusion of a perfectly smooth surface. Semi-gloss paint is about a 50 percent gloss mixed with paint while satin will only have a 30 percent gloss in the mix. Semi-gloss paint is usually applied in bathrooms cabinets and in kitchens as it is easy to wash and clean. Moreover it gives a subtle shine instead of a glitzy look which makes it perfect to use in places where accents are often done with tiling and fixtures as opposed to paint. Satin paint has a velvet touch with less gloss and is mostly used for ceilings windows doors and walls. This paint is also popular in children rooms.
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Which Paint to Choose Satin or Semi Gloss? Color and durability are impacted by a paint's finish. When painting your space picking the right color isn't your only choice to make. The finish you choose is an important decision that will impact how your paint job wears looks and lasts for years to come. There are many differences between satin and semi-gloss. Satin has a soft sheen that reflects light softly making it a common choice for bedrooms and living spaces.
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Low Sheen 1025% gloss. Semi Gloss 4169% gloss. Scattering of light on finishes with 75% matte 50% satin and 35% glossy pigment-volume concentration. Still lower PVCs below critical do not affect sheen but only permeability. The sheen 3 or gloss level of a paint is principally determined by the ratio of resinous adhesive binder which solidifies after drying and solid powdery pigment.
What's The Best Paint For Your Trim High Gloss Semi-Gloss or Satin Enamel? DESIGNED.
High gloss paint finish traditional kitchen designed by interior designer Carla Aston. I would love to use high gloss enamel more often however you must have really good painters to pull this finish off. ie really good budgets. Your surface needs to be smooth and perfect so the reflection of light that bounces off this finish doesnt go all wonky on you and telegraph any flaws underneath.

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