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An important criterion for epoxy resins is the epoxide content. This is commonly expressed as the epoxy equivalent weight which is the number of epoxide equivalents in 1 kg of resin Eq./kg or as the equivalent weight which is the weight in grammes of resin containing 1 mole equivalent of epoxide g/mol. One measure may be simply converted to another. Equivalent weight g/mol 1000 / epoxide number Eq./kg. The equivalent weight or epoxide number is used to calculate the amount of co-reactant hardener to use when curing epoxy resins. Epoxies are typically cured with stoichiometric or near-stoichiometric quantities of curative to achieve maximum physical properties.
Difference between epoxy coating and epoxy paint?
This allows for better adhesion and durability but is not an epoxy coating by any means. Now that weve got that out of the way what is an Epoxy Coating? An Epoxy Coating is an epoxy resin combined with a polyamine hardener. The two have to be mixed together prior to being applied. Once mixed you have only a certain amount of time to apply. The resin is what gives Epoxies their color. Without color it would go on as a clear coating. Why is an Epoxy Coating ideal for finishing and protecting garage floors? Epoxy Coatings create a very hard strong chemical resistant and durable surface.
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What performance characteristics will the coating be exposed to? abrasion flexibility heat resistance etc. Will it be required and within what time frame? Is the coating designed for the specific method? spray brush roll squeegee/trowel. Cost per mil per square foot per year of life expectancy. Is the coating able to comply with the specifications? Movement It is very important to have fresh air circulating over the surface during drying. Critical especially during cold weather and high humidity. Coating may appear usable but will exhibit poor performance. Be aware that some epoxies yellow more than others.
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An epoxy coating is the use of epoxy compounds as coatings or paints. It is generally two parts which are mixed prior to application and consist of an epoxy resin that is cross-linked with a coreactant or hardener. Epoxy coatings are formulated based on the end product's performance requirements. When properly catalyzed and applied epoxies produce a hard chemical and solvent resistant finish. It is the specific selection and combination of the epoxy and hardener components that determine the final characteristics and suitability of the epoxy coating for a given environment.
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Epoxy is a thermosetting resin capable of forming tightly linked cross-polymer structures. Epoxy is characterized by toughness and strong adhesion especially when used for floor coatings. epoxy resin epoxy polymers epoxy coating epoxy paint. What is an Epoxy? Epoxies are polymer materials that begin as liquids and are chemically changed into a solid. An epoxy based polymer is mechanically strong chemically resistant to degradation from chemical elements in the solid form and highly adhesive during conversion from liquid to solid. There are a wide range of basic epoxy chemicals from which an epoxy coating system can be formulated. Physically epoxy coating systems contain two components resins and hardeners. The resin component is usually light sometimes almost clear colored and almost odor free.
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This has lead to many people buying a paint product when what they thought they were purchasing was an epoxy product. What is an epoxy coating? Epoxy is a two component product consisting of one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener. You have to mix the two together prior to application. After mixing you are limited by time and temperature as to how long you have to apply it. With colored epoxies it is the resin that is tinted to give the epoxy color. If its not tinted then it goes on as a clear coating. An epoxy coating cures and does not dry like paint does.
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Liquid epoxy coating is a coating system composed of two substances. It is mainly applied on floors and gives off a unique finish compared to traditional coatings because of its distinct chemical composition. The two elements of liquid epoxy coating are kept separated before application. When combined these components which are composed of thermosetting polymers go through a chemical reaction which builds a closely impassable bond. Once this reaction has occurred liquid epoxy coating can be very difficult to remove.
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Unlike traditional heat-cured powder coatings epoxy coatings are quick and easy to apply making them idea for a number of applications. Some of the main epoxy coating uses include. White Goods Coating Applications An epoxy coating is often used as the powder coating on washers driers and other white goods because it is durable and easy to apply. Automotive and Marine Applications An epoxy coating will act as a primer to prevent corrosion and ensure the adhesion of paints on automobiles and boats. Steel Corrosion Resistant Coatings Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coatings are used for corrosion protection in steel pipes and fittings used in the oil and gas industry water transmission pipelines and concrete reinforcing rebar.

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