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View all Garage Flooring. View all Garage Flooring Garage Floor Epoxy. 100% Solids Epoxy Garage Floor Paint 3 Gallons Light Grey. 5X THICKER 1 COAT SYSTEM ENOUGH TO COVER 510 SQ.
How to Install Epoxy Garage Floor Coating.
All objects should be cleared from the floor and the area should be thoroughly swept. Use a leaf blower on low to remove hard-to-see dirt and particles. Tape your baseboards steps and the edge of your garage floor to limit where the epoxy covers. If you have any major chips or damage to your concrete floor you'll need to repair those first. Use a heavy-duty degreaser and scrub brush to remove all oil and gas stains from the floor. When you're done scrubbing rinse all soap and dirt away. Lastly apply citric acid and concrete etch which creates tiny grooves in the floor for the epoxy to adhere too. Some people use muriatic acid but that is a highly corrosive and toxic chemical.
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America's Premium Floor Coating. Ideal for concrete wood floor coating applications. Epoxy Coat Garage Flooring. Garage Floor Coating Kits. Epoxy-Coat garage flooring is the most durable and longest lasting 100% solids Cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating kit on the market today. Our kits are ideal for garage basement patio industrial or commercial concrete or wood floor coating. The applications are endless and you can revitalize any floor to get a great new look with superior durability giving you professional reliability and a great look in no time.
SEAL-KRETE EPOXY-SEAL Concrete and Garage Floor Paint.
Regular and Clean-Air Formula Available. Epoxy Seal EU 091812. Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal Armor Gray Low VOC No 961001. Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal Deep Base Low VOC No 970001. Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal Slate Gray Low VOC No 962001. Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal White Base Low VOC No 960001. Our 4 Step Process. Clean-N-Etch prepares concrete for proper adhesion of garage floor paint. Lock Down concrete bonding primer improves paint adhesion by 50%. Epoxy-Seal garage floor paint is 3x stronger than other floor paints.
The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings All Garage Floors.
Many manufacturers of 100% solids epoxy warranty the product against defects for the life of the floor. Visit our garage flooring gallery to view more epoxy coated garage floors. How garage floor epoxy is applied. Epoxy garage floors require good floor preparation which is critical for a successful coating. This usually involves some form of either floor grinding shot blasting or acid etching of the floor to profile the concrete for the epoxy. Its very critical that it is done right or the epoxy coating will not adhere properly. Patching or repairing any cracks or other damage to the concrete before the epoxy is applied is required as well.
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Watch the How to Videos playlist https// How to Install a Garage Storage System https// How to Strip a Hardwood Floor https// How to Powerwash a Walkway https// Shopping List for How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor. two-part garage-floor epoxy with color flakes. biodegradable degreaser for cleaning oily stains from garage floor. acid used to acid-etch concrete floor surface. chemical-resistant rubber boots rubber gloves and eye goggles required when acid-etching the floor. Tools for How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor. garden hose used to rinse floor clean during surface-prep process. plastic sprinkling can used to apply acid. long-handled scrub brush for cleaning floor. 3-inch paintbrush used to cut in epoxy around floor perimeter. paint roller and extension poles used to epoxy garage floor. wet/dry vacuum for cleaning floor.
EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating Kit Product Page.
View all Industrial Brands. HomepAge / epoxyshield / Garage Concrete Floor Coatings / Garage Floor Coating. Select a Color 2. About Garage Floor Coating. Brighten your garage with a clean glossy showroom-quality floor. Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating Kit applies in one easy coat and protects against gasoline antifreeze motor oil salt hot tire pick-up and crackingfor years to come. No hot tire pick-up.
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Getting epoxy on a garage floor is also an investment and preserves the beauty of the garage. Why let concrete have oil stains discoloration and eventually crack? Get the epoxy garage flooring now. and only with EPOXY GARAGE GUY. Ask for Ricky and Jenn and you will not be disappointed. they know their stuff and are the best in the biz! Thank you so much! These guys and gals are really worthy of the the rave reviews they get. Mike was professional and was there when he said he would be. The crew were there on time to start the job and did an awesome job. A great big thumbs-up to Jennifer and Ricky! They did such a fantastic job.

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