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Water Based Epoxy
Steel and other metals. Steel and other metals should be degreased and grit-blasted followed by a coat of Top Paints Etch Primer followed by an epoxy topcoat. Use recommended WFT at application. Old epoxy coated surfaces should be roughened before a coat is applied. Previously painted surfaces in good condition. Clean the surface and apply coat. Previously painted surfaces in poor condition. Surface must be stripped down and treated as new work. Mix 4 parts Part 2 to 2 parts Part 1 as purchased 4L2L. Mix Part 1 and Part 2 separately well with a flat paddle. Add Part 1 to Part 2 and again mix well. Allow to stand before application for approximately 5 minutes. Use within 1 hour.
WATER BASED EPOXY is a two component amine-cured epoxy coating which will demonstrate the physical properties of solvent-borne epoxies but in a water-reducible formula. Dust and residue formation is a problem with unprotected concrete floors and cement toppings. WATER BASED EPOXY water-reducible epoxy floor coating was developed as a premium quality environmentally friendly answer to this problem Based on two-component epoxy technology.
Epoxy Paint Basement Tanking Waterbased Epoxy Coating.
Antel Water Based Epoxy Coating is a universal water based epoxy resin coating designed for easy and safe application. Water Based Epoxy Coating possesses most of the properties of conventional epoxy resins with many additional advantages particularly its tolerance of damp application conditions. This product is not sold individually.
Water Based vs Solvent Based Epoxy What's The Difference.
Most people use epoxy floor coatings because of three things attractive finish durability and chemical resistance. However the disadvantages of using epoxy include fussy application potentially dangerous vapors and fading or yellowing of shades. Water Based Epoxy vs Solvent Based Epoxy. In the past solvent is the favored carrier agent used for epoxy coatings because of the following reasons. It can be used even in high humidity and cool temperatures. It can bear petroleum contaminates in concrete floors. It produces a much glossier surface. It is more durable than water-based epoxy systems. However solvent-based epoxy contains high content of volatile organic compounds. As such solvent-based epoxy cannot be used indoors because of the harmful fumes.
Aquasol Water Based Epoxy Resin Coating Products Conren.
Aquasol Water Based Epoxy Resin Coating. A water based epoxy coating for walls and floors such as plant rooms and food preparation areas. Low odour and taint free WRAS approved for use with potable water and with a Class 1 Fire Rating Aquasol is easy to apply offering a tough decorative wipe clean finish. For more information on this product please download the datasheets below. Aquasol Click here for NBS BIM Information. Aquasol HD Click here for NBS BIM Information.
Water Based Epoxy resin Delta Membranes.
DELTA FlexiDri Plus Plugs. DELTA Gas Barrier System. DELTA Than waterproof mastic. DELTA MS Profile capping strip. Water Based Epoxy resin. You are here Home Water Based Epoxy resin. DELTA MS-500 8mm cavity. DELTA PT-Lath 8mm cavity meshed. DELTA MS20 20mm cavity. DELTA FM 3mm cavity. DELTA PlasterLath 7mm meshed. DELTA PT Slimline 4mm meshed. DELTA Gas Barrier System. Köster NB1 Grey Waterproofing Slurry. Köster SB Bonding Emulsion. Köster NB 1 Flexible Tanking Slurry. Köster Polysil TG 500 Anti-lime. Köster Repair Mortar Plus. Köster KD System Waterstop. Köster Quellband Water bar. Water Based Epoxy resin.
Water-based coating vs. solvent-based coating US Coatings.
This liquefying agent typically takes the form of water or some other chemical solvent. Hence the terms water-based and solvent-based. Which type of product is right for the job will depend on the circumstances. Generally speaking one is not better than the other but they do perform differently in different situations. Ideally both options will exist side-by-side in a coating professionals arsenal. Water-based paints make up about 80 percent of household paints sold today according to the Paint Quality Institute a paint advising and testing organization.
Sierra Performance S40 Water-Based Epoxy Floor Coating.
View all Industrial Brands. HomepAge / sierra-performance / Sierra Performance Epoxy Floor Coatings / S40 Water-based Epoxy Floor Coating. S40 Water-based Epoxy Floor Coating. Select a Color 14. About S40 Water-based Epoxy Floor Coating. Get exceptional floor protectionand zero VOCswith Rust-Oleum Sierra Performance S40 Water-based Epoxy Floor Coating. This water-based formula contains no VOCs HAPs 1 or solvent odor and creates a tough high-gloss finish. High-performance coatingfor concrete floors in moderate to severe industrial settings. Highly resistant to most chemicals and abrasion.

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