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Decorative Concrete Ideas for Beautiful Concrete Surfaces The Concrete Network.
Get an idea of how custom decorative concrete can be used in your home or business. The following links provide a wealth of knowledge on all aspects including colored concrete painted concrete stenciled concrete stamped concrete and more. Stamped Concrete By imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete you can achieve the high-end look of stone or brick pavement-and often at a lower cost. Stained Concrete Learn how to use acid-based chemical stains to impart rich earth-toned color to plain concrete floors. Decorative Concrete Overlays Give worn drab concrete a complete face-lift.
Floor Coatings for Concrete Surfaces Teknos.
Floor coatings for concrete. Floor coatings for concrete surfaces. We have been an expert in producing coatings for concrete surfaces for decades. TEKNOFLOOR product family offers a perfect range of products for coating concrete floors and other surfaces. As a result of our product development work the TEKNOFLOOR product family has several superior new properties. The coatings withstand chemical and mechanical stresses extremely well. They increase the concretes surface strength and they have good adhesion to concrete. The products are also easy to apply making the work easier than ever.
Concrete Surfaces Concrete Construction Magazine.
Posted on May 03 2017. Husqvarna revs up to develop the global floor grinding industry. Husqvarna has recently acquired two other leading players in the field HTC Floor. Tags Business Concrete Surfaces. Posted on May 02 2017. PROSOCO announces series of moves in strategic restructure. To take full advantage of our recent success we need the right people in the right. Tags Business Concrete Surfaces Prosoco.
Concrete Surfaces Concrete Construction Magazine.
Posted on April 26 2017. Austin to Replace Asphalt with Concrete. City developing concrete plans to make bus passengers more comfortable. Tags Concrete Surfaces Repair Infrastructure Projects Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos TX Texas. Posted on April 21 2017. Stamped Concrete Sidewalks to Replace Old Wooden Boardwalk. A 7.7 million project is replacing worn-out wooden plank sidewalks in Old. Tags Repair Concrete Surfaces. Posted on April 04 2017.
Concrete surfaces.
Relief concrete / structure concrete. Another interesting variant of processing architectural concrete is the design of a relief. Whether deep in the slab surface or elevated above it this is your decision. Concrete lives on its diversity. Aside from options of form colour and surface design architectural concrete additionally offers many options for combining it with other materials. Glass elements are laid into the mould and form a unit with the fresh concrete. Planners and architects can create unique facade surfaces by combining coloured glass and Hering architectural concrete. Delicate exposed concrete facades with glass aggregates glittering in the sun due to the various incidence of light.
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Concrete roadway in San Jose California. Concrete surfaces specifically Portland cement concrete are created using a concrete mix of Portland cement coarse aggregate sand and water. In virtually all modern mixes there will also be various admixtures added to increase workability reduce the required amount of water mitigate harmful chemical reactions and for other beneficial purposes. In many cases there will also be Portland cement substitutes added such as fly ash. This can reduce the cost of the concrete and improve its physical properties.
Concrete Surfaces Concrete Construction Magazine.
Current Issue February-March 2017. Top 10 States for LEED Green Building. JLG to Participate in National Safety Stand-Down Week. NCMA Helps Build Safer and Stronger America. Masonry Legislative Conference Nears. How Can Masons Protect Themselves From Silica Dust? USGBC Names Top 10 States for LEED Green Building. Concrete's Journey to 67 Stories Above Chicago. Extending Your In-Equipment Tech. Construction Group is On-Board With 3D Printed Concrete. Home Ownership Makes a Comeback. Steering Toward a Carless Future.
Special concrete surfaces.
In addition to shape colour and surface design possibilities architectural concrete also offers many combination possibilities with other materials. The glass elements supplied flat or curved are placed in the mould and bind automatically with the fresh concrete to form a unit. This means that as with lost shuttering no screws frames or other mechanical fixings are required. Filigree exposed concrete facades with glass aggregates that glisten in the sun when sunlight falls upon them. Or premium-quality large-format slabs with distinctive splashes of coloured glass.

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