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The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring DIY.
Dyes added as the wet concrete is being mixed produces concrete in a huge range of earthy colors. Surface treatments such as acid stains concrete stains and paint made for concrete floors turn plain concrete into beautiful one-of-a-kind finishes. Also concrete can be stamped with rubber stencils to give it texture. Combined with the right dyes or coloring agents finished concrete can be made to mimic ceramic tile natural stone brick even dirt! Heated floors For new construction or for concrete poured over an existing slab you have the option to add radiant heat electrical cables or hot water tubes embedded in the concrete to create warm comfy floors. Cons of Concrete Floors.
Why Concrete Floors Rock HGTV.
Stains produce a translucent finish with a one-of-a-kind look. Dyes often mixed onsite lend more vibrant shades. Colored hardeners are added to fresh concrete for surface-level color. Paint can also be applied to concrete. Concrete floors are perfect for urban contemporary living spaces. The smooth surfacein a popular gray hue is comfortable for feet and works well with area rugs. Photo courtesy of Masterpiece Concrete Compositions. The highly customizable nature is what sets concrete floors apart. These dramatic graphics in a mix of colors turns the floor into a focal point. Photo courtesy of Masterpiece Concrete Compositions. Large-format concrete tiles in alternating hues are an innovative alternative to ceramic.
Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors.
However there are also a number of drawbacks to using this in certain places. That is why it is important to understand the good and the bad before choosing to strip out other floors and go with bare or treated concrete in a specific location. The Positive Characteristics of Concrete Flooring. Durability Concrete flooring is extremely tough and resilient and is able to withstand the pressure from very heavy equipment such as cars trucks forklifts and stacked crates. That is why it is such a popular material for hard working commercial areas such as garages and warehouses. Durability also means that the material is difficult to damage. High heals furniture legs and pet claws will not scratch the surface.
Acid Staining Concrete Floors vs. LastiSeal Concrete Stain.
About Acid Staining Concrete Floors. Acid stains are not like paints. Instead of depositing an even-colored paint film on the surface they react with the concrete. This produces translucent colors which show off interesting variations in the surface. In the last few years acid stains have become very popular. How Acid Stains Work. Concrete acid stain also chemical stain is a waterborne solution of metallic salts and acid. Unlike dyes pigmented stains acid stains react chemically with the concrete. The acid opens up the surface by eating away particles of cement.
5 Benefits to Concrete Floors for Everyday Living.
TruexCullins Architecture Interior Design. Here are just some of the benefits of concrete floors. Concrete floors are a sustainable option if you use an existing concrete slab avoiding the consumption of new materials. And they need not be relegated to basements or garages. Once the concrete is sanded down and polished or sealed it looks perfectly refined in a traditional kitchen or living room especially when layered with Oriental rugs and pretty furnishings and fixtures. The only maintenance required of concrete floors is weekly mopping with soapy water.
Concrete Floors Flooring How To and Ideas The Concrete Network.
Concrete floors are popping up in retail stores trendy restaurants offices and homes everywhere. Whether it's acid-stained painted overlays microtoppings radiant floors or a unique personal floor concrete floors offer a range unlike any other material. Concrete flooring sometimes referred to as cement flooring no longer has to be gray and boring. Now coloring concrete or applying textures patterns saw cuts etc can bring new life to this traditional substrate. One of the major benefits of concrete floors is their affordability compared to other flooring options. Installing a decorative concrete floor can be quite cost-effective particularly if you already have a concrete slab thats ready for staining polishing or application of a coating or overlay.
Background on Concrete Flooring and Floor Materials.
However modern advancements have given flooring professionals a variety of design options that are allowing them to completely reinvent this basic building material. Today concrete floors can be polished smooth or textured to provide traction. They can also be painted or stained with a variety of techniques that allow you to replicate the look of natural materials or embed the floor with complex printed designs. Anatomy of a Concrete Floor. Most structures are built on a sand or gravel bed that rests beneath a concrete slab that acts as the base of the building. This layer is covered with a vapor barrier sheet that prevents moisture from moving up into the concrete.
Concrete Floors.
Are Concrete Floors Hard? Bob Harris explains the attributes of concrete including the truth and realities of how hard concrete floors can be. View All Floor Videos. Top Concrete Floor Design Tips Color Choices Using Stains and Dyes Covering with Coatings. Why Choose Concrete Floors Floors that Last Eco-Benefits Healthy Alternative. Photos and Ideas 5 Popular Floor Designs Photo Gallery of Kitchen Floors Photo Gallery of Retail Floors. Concrete Floors General Info.

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